Laundry App Review

My washing machine broke down after having it for all these years now ive turned to Laundy App untill i save up and get a new Washing Machine.   Below is my first review on Laundy App.


Laundry App is quick and simple, just like the process of it, totally straight forward.


I was very impressed with the service from start to end and my clothes smelled great/fresh


There was one thing i was puzzled about when the guy delivered my laundry, I had to as the guy called Hamid if I could have a blue bag for next time.  Hamid went to the van and brought me the black bag then I said I thought the black bag was for dry cleaning but he said don’t worry they come in all colours.   This is why I was puzzled because in the app it says only black bags for dry cleaning and blue bags for wash laundry however I was very greatfull with the outcome of Laundry App and totally recommend it to anyone.

laundry-app-13465_image_13465_1 (1)

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