Cat Lover

In my life so far I’ve had 4 cats and I just adore them so much.


My first 2 #cats were brothers and I got them from someone I knew because she was going to live somewhere else plus the 2 male cats were outdoor cats.

They were called Henry & sprokett, Henry was a ginger and sprokett was blond and they were perfect.

I had  the 2 boys for a few years and then I moved to a flat on the second floor, I was interested to see how they will react, the first month was ok but they were determine they wanted out.

My decision was to rehome them as Henry and sprokett were outdoor cats and it was a shame to keep them in as they were becoming unsettled.

I took them both to Cat protection and ask them to be rehome together as they were brothers, it was upsetting for me to goodbye but I knew it was the best decision.

1 day after I regretted rehoming the two boys and phoned the Cat Protection, they told me that someone got them both after a few hour when i left them, my heart was broken for two months as I could not stop crying but I just hope Henry & Sprokett have a lovely life where every they are.


 My third cat called Lucy, well I got her when she was a baby, as the size of my hand.

Lucy was a indoor cat as I lived on the second floor, she was adorable black cat all over.

When Lucy was 2 there was one time I didn’t see her behind me and when I stood back, i accedently stood on her by mistake.

Lucy was hissing at me and couldn’t leave the room, Lucy was not happy with me for days and I done everything to spoil her.

One day Lucy had a vet check up and they noticed she had arthritis in her both hips, she was on tablets to help.

This was on and off the way Lucy was walking, it was a shame and I tried my best but she ended up pushing me away with her hissing and biting me.

I really did try my best to make Lucy comfortable but she was bad so I took Lucy to the vets and asked them is there anything they can help my cat.

The more Lucy went on I decided to rehome her but no-one would take her because of Lucy illness so I could not cope with this out of control cat so I took her to the vets and told them i can’t take no more and asked them to put Lucy down.

The vets agreed because no one would take her because of her illness plus she was a bit aggressive, the vets put lucy down to rest.


 My forth cat called Henry, black and white, he just look amazing, so cute.

I went to the Cat Protection to see about getting a outdoor cat as I moved to Edinburgh on a ground floor flat.

When I went in there was this adorable cat and I just had to have this one, the guy said this little chap is 2 years old and called chuck.


I took this cat home and changed his name to Henry, the first two night Henry had having nightmares but after that he was so happy.

I kept Henry in for a month before letting him out but once I did he was fine and exploring.

This cat lights me up and makes me happy, you just have to look at his picture to knew he adorable.


I spoil Hendry all the time but try to keep him to his weight, the mount of toys he got to play with.

When Henry went out for the fist time, my next door neighbour cat Olly was hissing but it didn’t take long when they both became friends, Olly the ginger cat always come in to mine and plays with Henry or is he just after his food.

I’m so happy with Henry, he is perfect in ant way and I always be with him anytime he needs me.

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