Calton Hill / The Nelson Monument

I visited Calton Hill in Edinburgh, it’s a nice small hill which you can still get Amazon view of Edinburgh.

Looking down and over to see the views of Dynamilc Earth, Arthur Seat, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle and many more to see.

The best bit of all is when I went up The Nelson Monument and that’s even a spectacular view, more higher up also it has a small museum inside which was interesting.

The only thing I was wondering about is how am I ment to get down once I’m up there because the steps are like a stair case going all around and there was a lot of steps lol.

Once I was up there, the view of Edinburgh and beyond blow me away, it was fantastic to walk round in a circle and to see everything.

Once coming down I was very causios but I took it very slowly taking each step to get down.  After getting to the bottom I went and had a peak a the small museum in The Nelson Monument.

Overall my visit to Carlton Hill / The Nelson Monument was outstanding and we’ll recommended if your visiting Edinburgh.

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