Blair Drummond Safari Park

I visited Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling 14/7/18.  I was really looking forward to coming back as I visited the Safari Park 5 years ago,


First on arrival I went on the Safari boat to go round and see the chimpanzees, you can hear them but they were to far away to take a picture.

Next up I went to the animal reserve drive thru, which was pretty cool as the wild animal can come right up to the vehicle.  There was warning signs to keep windows and door looked as the wild animal can go on your car and they are clever too.

After that experience, It was amazing to catch the start of the Sea_Lion presentation. There was only one up there called Lola, she was outstanding, really intelligence and smart.

I think this is one of my favrite parts at Blair Drummond, really did enjoy watching Lola and finding more about Sea_Lions.  Well recommended to visit Blair Drummond.

oh more stuff as I went on the Safari walk and seen more animals close up, which was amazing to see lots of going round.

over all my experience at the Blair Drummond Safari Park was totally excellent and I had the best day ever especially to see Lola the Sea_lion.

I got Blair Drummond souvenir  book which will be down below shortly

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