Peebles visit

I visited Peebles Down near the scittish borders 20/7/18. It was a great day out apart from the dull rain weather we had but hey it normal weather for Scotland lol.

I attended to go to #Peebles for a meal with some people from RNIB Scotland but made a day of by having a stroll walk round some of the parks too.

Before going to the Green Tree I had a walk round Victoria Park and around The Gytes Leisure Centre/Playing Fields. After the meal I went for a stroll walk thru Hay lodge Park.

Overall it was amazing from start to finish, especiaĺly having a meal at the Green Tree with the adorable bunch from RNIB Scotland. The food was excellent too I had the steak pie.

Walking around part of Peeples in the parks was awesome, so chilled out and taking some pictures. Well recommended as I would definitely go back to Peebles for another Visit, a really nice place.

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