PentlandHills Regional Park

What a great day out walkinh part of the Pentland Hills 5/8/18.

This is a place that I didn’t think I could do because of climbing hills but It’s not all that bas as you can walk on the lower ground and still get a good view of things.

I didn’t climb any high hills for a bigger view, that’s something I can go back to the Pentland Hills and do another day.

Just walking about in the forest was pretty cool, i like that kind of thing plus it was so relaxing and peaceful.

There was a sign that I passed, it was funny because someone altered the sign and it said “no parking, pissing place only” lol hehe.

Did you knew that Amy Soldiers do exercise in Pentland Hills with firing there guns, a sign posted for warning, just in case you get a bullet in you bum.

A great atmosphere at the Pentlands as everybody would pass you and say hello, it was nice, everyone was enjoying there day out.

Ideal for walking your dog’s or just hanging out with family/friends. Would consider going back again sometime very soon.


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