Scottish Day Tour -Aviemore & The Cairngorms

I went on a Scottish Day Tour with Lothian Motorcoaches to Pitlochry, Avimore & The Cairngorms 14/8/18.

Everyone who was going on the Tour had to get the Coach at Charlotte Square, when the Coach arrived we met our Guide Scott and our driver Chris.

Our first destination was Pitlochry where we had a long walk round the Dam, bouncy bridge and the main street then we headed back to the Coach. It was amazing walk, just what I needed to warm up in the morning hehe also the views of it was great.

Our second destination was The Cairngorms where we got the train to the top of the mountain, which was pretty cool as I’ve never done it before.

Once we got to the top of the mountain, the view was totally magic. A bit of drizzly of rain but it started to come good with the sun coming out.

After seeing the the view, we went in the cafe to get something to eat before heading back on the coach to our final destination.

Because of the weather with the rain, there was a change of place, instead of going for a walk in the Heritage, we went to House of Bruar. Having a look around and buying chocolate fudge and having a cup of coffee was nice but the weather turned out nice when we were at the Cairngorms so I was disappointed we didn’t change to having a walk in the Heritage afterall.

The outcome of the day Tour was incredible from the start to finish, my best thing of the day was The Cairngorms, just the thought standing on top a mountain looking a the view was just amazing.

Well recommended to visit and have that great experience. Can’t wait to visit sometime in the future.

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