Rosslyn Chapel, the Scottish Borders & National Mining Museum

I went on one of Lothian Motorcoaches Winters Tours to Rosslyn Chapel, the Scottish Borders & National Mining Museum Scotland on the 9/10/18. 

Waiting at Charlotte Square for the Coach but it was not there bigger coach, it was one of there mini coaches.  Which was pretty cool.


On-board was our adorable Guide Scott and our wonderful driver Graham, which was great to see them again as there are the dream team.

Our first destination was Rosslyn Chapel, which was nice but I got myself a bit flustered because there was so many people inside and I didn’t knew where to put myself.   just had one of these mornings however I just had a walk around outside before getting back on the mini coach.



Our second destination was Scottish Borders amd i had a walk round to see Melrose Abbey, priorwood garden and then had a nice cup of tea and a big scone in Dalgetty Alexander & sons cafe.


Our final destination was the National Mining Museum Scotland, which was amazing and interesting to learn more about Mining back in the days.

Our tour guide was great showing us around but i forgotten his name, the guide was fantastic and helpful explain everything to us.  Also walked around some great displays too.


The overall of the day tour with Lothian Motorcoaches was outstanding from start to finish, another great experience and also my 6 Day Tour with them.

For me the National Mining Museum Scotland was my best part of the day, just love having these walking guide tours in interesting places.

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