Durham Christmas Market

Went on one of Lothian Motorcoaches Excursion Trips to Durham Christmas Market with a friend 1/12/18.

Margaret and mysself got to Charlotte Square to get on the mini coach with others but we had two more stops to pick people up from Sheriffhall Park & Ride and Dumber before we heading to Durham Christmas Market.

It was great to come here as I’ve never been to Durham before so Margaret and myself had a look round the City Centre of Durham then had a look at the Christmas Markets.

Both of us where quite surprise to see the markets not much of a Christmas Market, it didn’t look very festive plus it just looked like a Normal ever day market,

After looking round the market and stalls we both went for a coffee at Chapters of Durham Tea Room which was great before exploring more.


There was a big massive Chrimas Tree in the City Centre of Durham with a few tinsel about the centre which look great but we both felt a little disappointed about the markets and stalls.

We also seen salvation army Brass Band playing Christmas Music next to the massive Christmas Tree in the City Centre of Durham before we heading back to the mini coach.

As we all got back on the mini coach we were talking about our time in Durham and we all felt the same about the Chrismas Markets not really Christmasey.

Maybe in a few weeks near Christmas the market might look more like Christmas Market but beginning of December it look like they weren’t set for Christmas at all, just saying.

Apart from that I’m glad to visit Durham for the first time and thanks to Lothian Motorcoaches driver Charles for taking us all there and back.

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