Loch Ness & The Highlands Experience

Loch Ness is one place I’ve always wanted to go at some point and I finally did with Lothian Motorcoaches on one of there Day Tour 11/04/19.

We had Scott as our Tour Guide also we had William driving there. which was great to see another dedicated Lothian Driver.

We headed off to our first destination, which was Pitlochry. This was my second time here as I visited Pitlochry on another Lothian Motorcoaches Day Tour last year 14/08/18.

Anyways I decided to get a coffee with William and Scott took the passengers for a walk down to the dam.

To see my pictures from Pitlochry on the other Day Tour from last year, please click the link below.


We were back on the road, making our way up to Loch Ness but we had to pulled over at a place called Laggan Dam as William had to check the toilet to see if it was blocked, which it was. Anyhow everyone had the chance to stretch there legs while of the coach.

Getting to Loch Ness and going on a boat trip called Cruises Loch Ness at Fort Augustus was totally amazing. Another great experience plus the staff were outstanding especially James as he was very kind and supportive helping me on/off the boat.

Definitely would love to go around Loch Ness on a boat cruise again, so I’ve decided to come back this August, I’ll look forward to that.

After we got back on the coach we went to a place called the 3 sisters in Glencoe to get our pictures taken, Scott even had a big Scottish flag and all the passengers got behind it to get our photo done with it.

Next was our last destination called callandar, we were here for 30/40 minutes, some people got off to walk about and eat but I just stayed in the coach relaxed lol.

Overall the Loch Ness & the Highlands Experience Day Tour was fantastic, it was worth while going and I would recommend this to anyone.

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