Eating Healthier

Ive started to east more healthier and cut down on salt and sugar the best i can. This was due to when I ended up in hospital (January 2018) with an infection in my heart and now I’ve change the way I eat daily.

Interesting to find out about other foods and to see what the food ingredients contain. It’s not easy giving up food that you like but I’ve cut a few things out, for examle (Bacon, gammon steak, sausages, crisps and many more but one thing I’ll won’t give up is cadbury’s chocolate lol.

Below are a few thing that I do eat and try to keep an eye on how many calories i have in a day. It’s not always about putting weight on or off, it’s about keeping a healthy appetite and giving yourself more protein in your diet.

The more better you eat the more better you will feel and have more energy to do things,


  1. Porridge
  2. Alpen Muesli
  3. Scrambled Egg on toast
  4. Croissants


  • Pasta in sauce
  • Baked Potato with fillings
  • Beans on toast
  • Soup (lentil, chicken & noodle, potato & leak)


  • Chicken fillets cuts with pasta, rice and vegetables
  • Turkey sliced meat with potatoes and vegetables
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Macaroni cheese


  • A bowl of fruit
  • Protein bar
  • Ambrosea rice pudding
  • Chocolate


Keeping a control on what you eat, is a really good thing do do. Don’t think about it, take control and put yourself first.

Life is for living and it’s to short, all about trial and error and making good decisions.

I use a fitbit to control my food and everything else and also a few other apps like calorie counter – MyFitnessPal


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