Fizz On The Forth Cruise with Maid Of The Forth

This was a Maid Of The Forth Cruise called Fizz On The Forth with MCM Vocals Scotland – Cailean McLean 3/8/19.

Walked onbord and asked if I wanted a glass of prosecco “of course I do, cheers lol”. I went and sat at the table when i saw a familiar face coming towards the table, it was Sarah from Maid Of The Forth Office and she brought a relative with her.

Once I chatted to Sarah and finished my fizz, I decided to go up to the top deck for a while, it was great to chill out and see the view of the forth while listening to Cailean singing great songs.

I rejoined Sarah and her relative at the table again then got myself another glass of prosecco with some buffy food, which was great.

The evening Cruise was turning out to be the best night of my week as I was enjoying myself so much and the crew were amazing plus what an outstanding performance from Cailean too,

While on board I took some photos, as you do and it was great to get a photo with one of the skippers called Duncan, anyways we all realised we might get a chance to see some fireworks at 10pm due to the Edinburgh Tattoo being on.

This really did top the night off beautiful with a small display of fireworks. Great view seeing them from South Queensferry as we were sailing back in to Hawes Pier.

The outcome of Fizz On The Forth Cruise was spectacular with Cailean and the Crew on board keeping us all entertained, they really did do an awesome job.

I’m hoping the Maid Of The Forth will keep going with there Fizz On The Forth Cruise because I would like to go again next year and see Cailean preform.

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