Adventure Scotland

Ive always had an adventure to explore places around Scotland to see what out there, scotland is a great place to visit also I like to take loads of photogreaphs as great experience memories.

I’ve always been very independent and seen so many things out there. In 2014 i ended up with sight but it’s never got me down visiting places I love.

give myself time to plan things out where I’m going to go from a to b, getting assistant help on transport is great especially by traveling on the train and people are so kind ro help. It really is stress free in my situation but sometimes you can only do what you can do.

Below are a few place that you might be interested in if you like outdoor, history places, wild animals, high views and many more.

Art & History

Animal & Insect

Castle & Palace

Garden & Park

Science & Technology


Other Places

Tours & Cruises in Scotland

Below there is extra articles in to Tours & Cruises around Scotland.