Scottish Day Tour to Linlithgow Palace – the Kelpies & The Home of Braveheart

I went on a Scottish Day Tour with Lothian Motorcoaches to Linlithgow Palace, The Kelpies & The Home of Braveheart 17/9/18  

When the Coach arrived at Charlotte Square, I was pleased to see Scott the Guide & Steven the driver again.   We headed of to our first destination, which was Linlithgow Palace.

We were the first visitors there before they opened there door, which was pretty cool as it  was just us for a while.

Had a look around the grounds and took some picture but I did not take the chance of going up the tower as there where 139 steps maybe if I didn’t have sight loss, i would be straight up there looking at the view.

After being at Linlithgow Palace we headed of to see the kelpies, this was great to come back and see them, got a few photos.   It was funny a little as Scott the Guide lay down flat on the ground and took a picture of me with one of the kelpies hehe, awww thanks for doing that Scott.


Up next was Stirling Castle, one of the places I’ve tick of my list as I wanted to visit.  Very impressive  looking around and doing some learning, the views were great, just a shame the weather was a bit dull.

After having a look around Stirling Castle for 2 hours we decided to get something to eat before heading back on the coach to our final destination

Here we are at The National Wallace Monument, we could not get the trailer up the hill as they were doing some wo so we walked  half way up before getting a lift.

The views was amazing from the viewing platform but I was not going to attempt to climb up 246 steps to the top of the monument hehe.

The overall of the Tour trip with Lothian was outstanding, I didn’t expect to do so many things but I enjoyed every minute of it from start to finish.

A massive thankyou to our Guide Scott & our driver Steven for taking good care of us all and showing us a really good time experience.

I can’t believe I’ve done my 5th day tour with Lothian,  really fantastic and well recommended to see the wonderdul experience for yourselves with the outstanding team that will go that extra mile to take good care of there passengers.

3hr Inchcolm Landing Trip – Departed

I went on the 3hr Inchcolm Landing Trip (departed) with Maid Of The Forth on the 12/9/18.  


When I got to South Queensferry, it was raining, just typical but improved when we got to Inchcolm Island as the sun was  shining over.

Getting off at Inchcolm Island was pretty amazing and spectacular to look at it from a view.  Very interesting when I was walking  around all over as the best I could do with out going over the high edges. 

Took some cool pics, something to remember by as Inchcolm Island was great and cant wait to visit again sometime in the future with Maid Of The Forth.  



A massive thankyou to Duncan and the rest of the team as I’ve been on the Maid Of The Forth 3 times now and the experience has been outstanding from start to finish.  


Maid Of The Forth has got to be my favourite boat trip experience so far and looking forward to coming back on-board sometime in the future,    

To see my article about the 1.5hr Sightseeing Cruise with Maid Of The Forth, please click below.

1.5hr Sightseeing Cruse with Maid Of The Forth


Scittish Day Tour – Distillery Tour, Scone Palace & Viewpoint of the 3 Bridges

I went on a Scottish day Tour with Lothian Motorcoaches to the Distillery Tour, Scone Palace & Viewpoint of the 3 Bridges 7/9/18

When I got to Charlotte Sqaure early before the Coach arrived, this man walking towards me and said “im Douglas, the guide for the tour” i said “you forgotten something thing ___ your coach hehe” Douglas replyed “it will be here soon, i stay close from here and James is driving the coach”


When everyone boarded the Coach, we headed to our fist destination which was the  Distillery Tour (Famous Grouse Experience) this was very interesting to find out more of the Famous Grouse.   Could not take picture for policy regulations  but i learned so much anyways from our Guidr Diane at the Distillery Tour.

After the great experience from the Famous Grouse, we headed back on the coach to our sencond destination, which was Scone Palace.

This was amazing to see, having a look around inside the palace was huge and interesting to see everything displayed.  Could not take picturesin side for policy regulations.

After I took a look around there grounds outside, which was beautiful and relaxin.  Took a few photos, as you are allowed to do that.    Before leaving i saw an Owl called Haggis which was adorable.


Next we are all heading to our final destination which was the Viewpoint of the 3 Bridges.  I’ve seen this so many times but it’s always great to come back to and see.

A massive thank you to James our driver & Douglas our Guide for making this day enjoyable, just perfect.

The outcome of this day trip was outstanding from start to finish once again, really spectacular and the more I go on Lothian Motorcoaches Tour, the more I get hooked on.  Yes I’m  definitely a big fan of theirs now 100% behind them.

1.5hr Sightseeing Cruse with Maid Of The Forth

I decided to go on one of (Maid Of The Forth) Crises 5/9/18.   This was from 10:30am and the weather was fantastic with the sun shining and blue sky.

As we headed off, we went under the Bridges  which was pretty cool towards Inchcolm Island.

On the way we past some spectacular views round about and seen some wildlife on the way, this was just magical and really pleased to experience this moment.

As we approach Inchcolm, this is the Island that people can get off to explore more for 90 Minutes .   The boat would leave them and sail back to Hawes Pier to drop off others before heading back to Inchcolm to pick up the people.

Going back was interesting as we would be going under the Bridges again, having the opportunity  to take more pictures of the Bridges or video clips as I done.

I did not get off Inchcolm islamd because this will give me a reason to visit Maid Of The Forth again.  Next time i wil, visit Inchcolm Island hopefully on a beautiful day like this one.


The outcome of the experience on Maid Of The Forth was outstanding from start to finish.  I would totally recommend this to anyone to try because you will be blown away with excitement.

Massive Thank you to all the staff on Maid Of The Forth, I will definitely be back very soon.  All the best in the future.


South Queensferry Bridges & the Maid of the Forth

I had a nice walk past the South Queensferry Bridges (Railway Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the New Queensferry Bridge) with friends 28/8/18

When we arrived we went in to the Honey Pot Creative Cafe for a cuppa and it was more interesting as you can make and Create things, which looks pretty cool.

It was a lovely day passing the 3 Briges and looking at the view.   When we where walking along we seen the Maid of the Forth Boat Coming back over.

Just mentioning about the Maid of the Forth, That was a great experience too.    on Friday Night 24/8/18, myself and some friends from RNIB Scotland went on the Boat trip Called the Maid of the Forth.

Had a lovely time especially taking pictures from the top with the sun going down and the moon out.

It was really great seeing everyone and catch up, can’t wait for the next trip hehe