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Relaxation Smells

There is one thing I like to do is to small scented flavour smells by lighting up candles, sticks or more around my flat and relax.

It’s defenatley a new thing I’ve started plus I would imagine it would help my cat to relax but not saying he need too.

Started to explore and buying items, this gift set I just got delivered from Amazon, it’s just perfect.  It comes in a nice box and once you open the lid, the flavours smells just come right out, well impressed.


Skymore 6Pcs Scented Candles Aromatherapy Candles  gift Set. 


Moods Lavender Essential Oils

Wonder small especially around tpyour home and easy small to relax


Sugar Rush Candel – Lavender & Like Candle which both smell amazing, you should smell my flat just now, smells womderful also got Incense sticks Figue Nose

If I get anymore products, I will update this blog so stay tuned


Best Moments

1: The best thing about 2017 for me, when I saw Wet Wet Wet in concert at Edinburgh Castle, 15th May, that was a outstanding performance and blow me away with happiness, I will never forget that moment and alsobTommy Cunningham the drummer is my favourite.































The Lady Haig Poppy Factory Tour

I visited the Lady Poppy Factory Tour in Edinburgh, i was very impressed getting shown around by Greame 18th July 2016.


Learning more about the Poppy Factory and they way they do things, just shows you the staff really do put a a lot of work in to it and making thousand of Poppys.


It was a great experience and enjoyed every moment of it and  everyone at Poppyscotland HQ is very friendly and helpful.

Itself all in a great cause by supporting the Armed Forces Community