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Having a Visually Impairment

Having a Visually Impairment by Sandi Stevenson

Visually Impairment is any kind of vision loss, whether it’s someone who cannot see at all or has limited sight.  Some people me find it difficult to come to terms with  there eye sight but getting the right help will give you that indepent life.

I was born with being Partially Sighted and wearing glasses, some of the time because didn’t like wearing them at all.

The frustrating think was my family would wraps me in cotton wool because of my vision and having one kidney.  I just found it hard because they never got to knew me and ask me what I would like.

People with Visually Impairment are still the same ke everyone else, we just do thing in another way that’s all.  It’s amazing how we cope and have that independent but some people don’t get it.

I went to Kaimes School in Edinburgh, it’s use for people visually impaired and I was there from 1986 to 1994 it was ok but I got bullied by some people.

In 2013 my vision deteriorated and had to get cataracts surgery but before hand my consultant said there is a night chance it won’t work..  he was right as it left me with sight loss.

It really was heard to come to terms with  limited division.   I ended making myself housebound and not going out for a while.  The way to describe my vision
it’s blurry, like a wet window,
I can see big objects but sometimes hard to make out
My eyes are sensitive to bright light
If I’m filling forms in its hard because I can’t see the writing so I get something g to do it for me
I can see people but hard to me out there faces, no offence

RNIB done assessment to see if I’m coping around my house and they gave me couple bumps to put on my kitchen appliances so I can see things better.  I also got Long Cane training to use so I could go out myself independently.

Using a long Cane is very independent, it really helps if you walk in to something with your cane,  that means you can avoid the obstacles and not get hurt.  There a good thing about using a cane as it white, the pubic can see it and they move out the way to let you past but there is one or two that don’t.

There loads of kind people that see someone with Visually Impairment that like to help, which is nice but some  people don’t understand, we can still have an independent life and get around ourselves safely.

As I said it hard getting from A to sometimes as you get 7 people stopping you and asking if you would like help., all you can do is smile and say no Thank you., if you dont need the help.

I am registered as blind hand had to give up my employment due to health reasons as I was struggling to things.  I have to put drops and ointment in my every night as my eyes go dry.

Coming up for a year now and I’ve  been attending groups and clubs at RNIB Hillside, which is really good as you meet people in the same situation as you.   I sdo like going to the Art, Craft Group and also play dominoes too.

RNIB at Hillside has a shop that’s got loads of things to help Bling and Partially Sighted people,  I’ have purchased a free things that help me.

I have a My Guide Volunteer that help me get out so I can boast my confidence,  it’s really door as I feel safe plus can do the things I done before like exploring places

Moew up very soon



Dealing with Anxity & Depression

Dealing with Anxity & Depression by Sandi Stevenson

Having Anxity & Depression does take over your life, it could be a little things to trigger it but if you dont deal with it sraight away, it could build up and more harder to battle through.  This could be life threatening for others to handle by taken there own life’s.

MY name is Sandi Stevenson age 41 and I’ve been dealing with Anxity & Depression since I was 38 but my triggers started when I was a little girl.   13 years from 2002 when things started to change as the way I felt
feeling sad
mood swings
Just standing thinking in to space about mixed thought should I or not
keeping saying it’s just a bad day and tomorrow will be better.
but it weren’t because the more I kept telling myself the more worse it got and just hitting rock bottom.

My symptoms of Anxity and Depression were:
Lack of interest
feeling lost
Couldn’t sleep
Decreased energy
Sad thoughts
Frustrating Anger
Felt like my blood was boiling
Low appetite and weight loss
Difficulty concentrating
Thoughts about taking my own life

I was trying to keep myself busy so I can block it all out by
doing things I liked
working at my job with loads of overtime
Drinking to much alcohol

kidding myself by doing this woulld change things for the better.   It just got a hole load worse when my frustration anger set in and I done some bad stupid things that I totally  regret  because it got my in big trouble when I was working in Asda.

I knew I had to ask for sometime off because it all got to much but the management refused and said it you phone in sick, you will be in more trouble.   The way I was feeling I could not care then I  walked out of Asda.

The Job centre signed me off employment for 2 months for stress but I was still in denial and kept avoiding what was happening to me.

Finding things to do was hard but I managed to get a  part time job in Primark.  It was a year later in the job and my eye sight deteriorated Badly, Primark were so kind and let me have time off as I had a cataract surgery beginning of 2014.

I was off for a year from Primark to recover and to a_just to things.   Going back to work, gladgely working myself back in but I only  could do 5 weeks because I was struggle to see things.   I made a decision to leave Primark due to Medical reasons.

From sudden events, this really hit me bad and I had enough as I could not handle any more things happening.

Really wanted it all to stop, i couldn’t see past my worries, I hit rock bottom.   Thinking ending my life was the easy thing to do so I would put my face in to the pillow but I had mixed thoughts. I don’t knew   exactly what it was to bring myself back up from the pillow.

MY noise felt like the room was really smokey and it was hard to breath.  After my action I decided to get help and to see if there any way out.

I got 8 session of counselling at Changes Community Health Project in Musselburgh so I can talk about how I was feeling.  It was so hard and upsetting to a complete stranger but some how I did,   i told the counsellor I experiencing problems since I was a young child, the counsellor said start from there , is a good place to start .

Having the 8 session of counselling really helped me to see where it all went wrong from since I was a young girl.   My family wrapping me in cotton wool, my real mum left us and also my family controlling my like, not getting to knew me who I was and what I would like/handle.

MY dad done his best he can but weren’t good enough because I felt like an object sign because I was visually impaired.
(More detail in another article called Dealing with being Visually Impairment which will be up very soon)

Anyways I decided to do Changes Community Health Projec Mental Health Groups, where you can get help to dealing with things and how to manage day to day things with the learning toils you have.

Blimey it’s great to make the first move getting help but it’s still a long way to go.   It like digging yourself out a big hole to survival, like you have still no energy and week.   Someone told me to do little things first, she said “pick up a few magazines and put them on the table and that’s you done something, keep doing little things to boast yourself and things will improve”

Being at Changes Community Health Projec in Musselburgh really helped so much to recover who I was and how I was going to take the first step in to the future.

Really did a lot of thinking what next for me and the changes I was going to do.  I decided to move on away from my family and take control of my life but my family said when I was 38 no matter what I do, we will always have more control over your life.

I walked away and made the changes I thought were right by moving out of East Lothing to Edinburgh also changing my name.  .felt like an improvement to start of with also I’ve been doing:
Volunteer work for charity organisations to show my support
Got a My Guide Volunteer who helps me to get out once a week so I can improve my confidence
Attending RNIB at Hillside for there groups and clubs, which I’ve made some great friends.

There is still time from improvements because really do want to carry on now but I knew there will be some difficults which hopefully I can deal with my toils.