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Portrait Photograghs of Sandi 2018



On the 25th April 2018 I went to Tamara Studios in Edinburgh for my photo shout.   When you walk in you get a friendly welcome from Nadine, who is the one who that takes the photographs.

First of all the Makeup Artist done my hair and makeup, she really done a great job especially putting waves in to my hair, I felt good and relaxed for my photo shout.

When I was in the next room Nadine had a chat before hand about which 3 outfits i had and which one i wanted to put on first then I began to do a few stand positions to get my photo taken till I moved on to my next outfit and so on.

It was really good but I wish I done a few more different positions to get my photo done, apart from that it was a great experience and Nadine was outstanding and very helpful.

After the photo shout Nadine made me an appointment for to come back to view my photographs and she also gave me a leaflet on the package price range, that i would like to go for.



I was so looking forward to coming back to viewing my photographs at Tamara Studios.  I was very impressed to see all 45 photographs that Nadine picked out the best once.

I chosen the 10 Digital Images set so I taken my time to see all my photographs untill I chosen my 10 favourite once.  After Nadine out them on a UBS stick.

The hole experience was magic to start to finish, I really had the best time visiting Tamara Studios, one of my best moments also Nadine was excellent at her job and made it all worth while being there.   I would say Tamara Studios in Edinburgh is well recommended and you should treat yoursef there family and friends.


/1, 32 Bernard St, Edinburgh EH6 6PR
Phone: 0131-281-7823 


Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday’s 10:00am-5:00pm



Nadine is a well professional photographer in Edinburgh, she has loads of experience all over 6 years from studio to freelance