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Edinburgh Christmas Lights

I decided to use Periscope and go live when I was walking along Princes street in Edinburgh to see the Christmas Lights 5/12/18.

It was pretty cool seeing the Chrismas Market been light up in the Princes Street Gardens

After waking along I decided to go on the Forth One Big Wheel, which you can get a more better view of the City Centre.

This was amazing view to see all the lights in the dark, im not really one for the darn night but this was outsranding to See.

South Queensferry Bridges & the Maid of the Forth

I had a nice walk past the South Queensferry Bridges (Railway Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the New Queensferry Bridge) with friends 28/8/18

When we arrived we went in to the Honey Pot Creative Cafe for a cuppa and it was more interesting as you can make and Create things, which looks pretty cool.

It was a lovely day passing the 3 Briges and looking at the view.   When we where walking along we seen the Maid of the Forth Boat Coming back over.

Just mentioning about the Maid of the Forth, That was a great experience too.    on Friday Night 24/8/18, myself and some friends from RNIB Scotland went on the Boat trip Called the Maid of the Forth.

Had a lovely time especially taking pictures from the top with the sun going down and the moon out.

It was really great seeing everyone and catch up, can’t wait for the next trip hehe

Peebles visit

I visited Peebles Down near the scittish borders 20/7/18. It was a great day out apart from the dull rain weather we had but hey it normal weather for Scotland lol.

I attended to go to #Peebles for a meal with some people from RNIB Scotland but made a day of by having a stroll walk round some of the parks too.

Before going to the Green Tree I had a walk round Victoria Park and around The Gytes Leisure Centre/Playing Fields. After the meal I went for a stroll walk thru Hay lodge Park.

Overall it was amazing from start to finish, especiaĺly having a meal at the Green Tree with the adorable bunch from RNIB Scotland. The food was excellent too I had the steak pie.

Walking around part of Peeples in the parks was awesome, so chilled out and taking some pictures. Well recommended as I would definitely go back to Peebles for another Visit, a really nice place.

Heritage of Braid & Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve


walked the  Heritage trail 17/7/18.  I have never been here till now and I’m so glad I did because it’s the perfect walk to go on.

Just walking thru was so relaxing with a warm air, really nice to walk your dog of just with friends/family.

There is a few pond/rivers, even past a house stable and a few more things on the way.

There is a cafe for some refreshments and to sit down and relax till you make your way to your next destination.

Well recommended, if you love walking in a nice peaceful area

Blair Drummond Safari Park

I visited Blair Drummond Safari Park in Stirling 14/7/18.  I was really looking forward to coming back as I visited the Safari Park 5 years ago,


First on arrival I went on the Safari boat to go round and see the chimpanzees, you can hear them but they were to far away to take a picture.

Next up I went to the animal reserve drive thru, which was pretty cool as the wild animal can come right up to the vehicle.  There was warning signs to keep windows and door looked as the wild animal can go on your car and they are clever too.

After that experience, It was amazing to catch the start of the Sea_Lion presentation. There was only one up there called Lola, she was outstanding, really intelligence and smart.

I think this is one of my favrite parts at Blair Drummond, really did enjoy watching Lola and finding more about Sea_Lions.  Well recommended to visit Blair Drummond.

oh more stuff as I went on the Safari walk and seen more animals close up, which was amazing to see lots of going round.

over all my experience at the Blair Drummond Safari Park was totally excellent and I had the best day ever especially to see Lola the Sea_lion.

I got Blair Drummond souvenir  book which will be down below shortly