A year review of my Blog

A year review on my Blog traffic status to see how it grown and to see who been visiting my Blog in 2018. In the last year 2018 there has been 4,326 Views - 1,408 Visitors - 98 Likes. Hopefully time will improve when I do more updates. Below is a map of the countries … Continue reading A year review of my Blog

South Queensferry Bridges & the Maid of the Forth

I had a nice walk past the South Queensferry Bridges (Railway Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and the New Queensferry Bridge) with friends 28/8/18 When we arrived we went in to the Honey Pot Creative Cafe for a cuppa and it was more interesting as you can make and Create things, which looks pretty cool. It … Continue reading South Queensferry Bridges & the Maid of the Forth

The Edinburgh Festival Wheel

I decided to go on The Edinburgh Festival Wheel 27/7/18.  This was pretty amazing, seeing the view from City Centre of Edinburgh. I took a few photos but more interested looking out to see what i could see high above hehe.  Well recommended if your visiting Edinburgh in the Festival, might go on again to … Continue reading The Edinburgh Festival Wheel

Having a Visually Impairment

Having a Visually Impairment by Sandi Stevenson Visually Impairment is any kind of vision loss, whether it's someone who cannot see at all or has limited sight.  Some people me find it difficult to come to terms with  there eye sight but getting the right help will give you that indepent life. I was born with … Continue reading Having a Visually Impairment