Edinburgh Christmas Lights

I decided to use Periscope and go live when I was walking along Princes street in Edinburgh to see the Christmas Lights 5/12/18. It was pretty cool seeing the Chrismas Market been light up in the Princes Street Gardens https://www.pscp.tv/w/btlHrTFWR2p2cXlrb2twS098MXZPeHdaUUxCWGdKQsYB70mPQl99wN3O After waking along I decided to go on the Forth One Big Wheel, which you … Continue reading Edinburgh Christmas Lights

Durham Christmas Market

Went on one of Lothian Motorcoaches Excursion Trips to Durham Christmas Market with a friend 1/12/18. Margaret and mysself got to Charlotte Square to get on the mini coach with others but we had two more stops to pick people up from Sheriffhall Park & Ride and Dumber before we heading to Durham Christmas Market. It … Continue reading Durham Christmas Market