Night walk up Calton Hill

I went up Calton Hill in Edinburgh at night 19/12/18. Fantastic view in the dark, looking to see part of Edinburgh lit up. Least the weather stayed good too.  it was an interesting night also you can see Arthur Seat, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Castle and more. Oh it looks like there going to be … Continue reading Night walk up Calton Hill

Edinburgh Christmas Lights

I decided to use Periscope and go live when I was walking along Princes street in Edinburgh to see the Christmas Lights 5/12/18. It was pretty cool seeing the Chrismas Market been light up in the Princes Street Gardens After waking along I decided to go on the Forth One Big Wheel, which you … Continue reading Edinburgh Christmas Lights

Lothian Buses Open Day

I visited Lothian Buses Open Day at Annandale Street in Edinburgh for the first time because I knew Lothian Motorcoaches where going to be there 29/9/18. I arrived at Annandale at 11:30am, Waiting in the queue to get in and i was not far from the entrance. Having a look around the depot was very … Continue reading Lothian Buses Open Day

Edinburgh Bus Tours

I went on the Edinburgh Bus Tours to see more  of Edinburgh that I might not came across before.  It was very interesting plus I actually learned a few things going round the city.  I am from Edinburgh for 4 years and when you life somewhere, you tend not to explore the place because you … Continue reading Edinburgh Bus Tours

Heritage of Braid & Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve

I walked the  Heritage trail 17/7/18.  I have never been here till now and I'm so glad I did because it's the perfect walk to go on. Just walking thru was so relaxing with a warm air, really nice to walk your dog of just with friends/family. There is a few pond/rivers, even past a house … Continue reading Heritage of Braid & Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve

Map my walk

I've started to use an app called May My walk CLICK HERE so it can show where i've walked in locations around Edingburgh.  I really do love walking about especially as there so many places to walk and there loads of walk trails in Edinburgh. 1: walking to Ocean Terminal from Duke Street 2: walking around … Continue reading Map my walk

Royal Botanic Garden

I visited Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh 29th May 2018.  it was kind of magical with all the different colour of flowers and the qdisplay of the garden, it was in great shape. Walking around was very refreshing and a lovely smell of the different flowers.  You can see the staff at Botanic Gardens, do a … Continue reading Royal Botanic Garden

Portrait Photograghs of Sandi 2018

VISITING TAMARA STUDIOS  On the 25th April 2018 I went to Tamara Studios in Edinburgh for my photo shout.   When you walk in you get a friendly welcome from Nadine, who is the one who that takes the photographs. First of all the Makeup Artist done my hair and makeup, she really done a great job … Continue reading Portrait Photograghs of Sandi 2018