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Edinburgh Christmas Lights

I decided to use Periscope and go live when I was walking along Princes street in Edinburgh to see the Christmas Lights 5/12/18.

It was pretty cool seeing the Chrismas Market been light up in the Princes Street Gardens


After waking along I decided to go on the Forth One Big Wheel, which you can get a more better view of the City Centre.

This was amazing view to see all the lights in the dark, im not really one for the darn night but this was outsranding to See.

Lothian Buses Open Day

I visited Lothian Buses Open Day at Annandale Street in Edinburgh for the first time because I knew Lothian Motorcoaches where going to be there 29/9/18.

I arrived at Annandale at 11:30am, Waiting in the queue to get in and i was not far from the entrance.

Having a look around the depot was very impressive seeing all the vehicle buses displayed  also getting information and tips about the services

My favourite part was when I got to Lothian Motorcoaches, it was great to finally meet both of the Coaching and Touring Manners (Willie Hamilton & Kevin Slater) also some of the team too.

Willie Hamilton Is a giant compare to me because he is so tall, i had to step back and look up hehe.   Should of asked Willie to get down on his knees and then he would be the same size as me, oh dam I wished i did PMSL oh well maybe next time huh.

Kevin Slater was very interesting to tell me a few things about there Tours coming up and a little bit about there service they provide at Lothian Motorcoaches.  Awwww thanks kevin, he is so adorable friendly bubbly guy.

What I’ve learned and seen from this service, has been fantasticalso to knew there improving things all the time to suit everyone needs and to show them an great experience  that they have not seen before.

Interesting fact about Lothian Motorcoaches, is that they have 10 double decker, 5 new 61 seat coaches, 3 x 50+ seat coaches and 2 x 16 seat new minibuses plus a lot of vintage vehicles.

Lothian Motorcoaches have there new Tour Brochure out now, to get a copy just visit one of Lothian Buses Travel Shops.


The out come of visiting Lothian Buses Open Day was really good and well worth the visit for a couple of hours.  Thank you Lothian Buses and the rest of the services.

Edinburgh Bus Tours

I went on the Edinburgh Bus Tours to see more  of Edinburgh that I might not came across before.  It was very interesting plus I actually learned a few things going round the city.  I am from Edinburgh for 4 years and when you life somewhere, you tend not to explore the place because you live they, I’m glad I took some notice in the hometown I life in.

Edinburgh Bus Tours are well recommended and ideal to explore the City of Edinburgh and to learn so much about the Old Twn/New Town of Edinburgh.

If your visiting Edinburgh for the first time, you will be impressed with the history of the Capital Historic city and with the scenic views from the open tops.  .

There is so much to see from Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland, Our Dynamic Earth, Royal Yacht Britannia and so much more, something not to be missed.

Edinburgh Bus Tours  has 3 Tours buses and the green Edinburgh Tour has a Live Guide and the bue Majestic Tour has earphone.   There is 14 stops that you can top off/on the location.

The bus stop will show you a sign with Edinburgh Bus Tours on it, if you don’t see it, that means the Edinburgh Bus Tours won’t stop there.


Majestic Tour – Blue Tour Bus




Edinburgh Tour – Grean Bus Tour


CirySightseeing Tour – Red Tour Bus


For more information on Edinburgh Bus  Tours please visit there site  CLICK HERE


Heritage of Braid & Blackford Hill Local Nature Reserve


walked the  Heritage trail 17/7/18.  I have never been here till now and I’m so glad I did because it’s the perfect walk to go on.

Just walking thru was so relaxing with a warm air, really nice to walk your dog of just with friends/family.

There is a few pond/rivers, even past a house stable and a few more things on the way.

There is a cafe for some refreshments and to sit down and relax till you make your way to your next destination.

Well recommended, if you love walking in a nice peaceful area

Map my walk

I’ve started to use an app called May My walk CLICK HERE so it can show where i’ve walked in locations around Edingburgh.  I really do love walking about especially as there so many places to walk and there loads of walk trails in Edinburgh.

1: walking to Ocean Terminal from Duke Street


2: walking around the City Centre of Edinburgh,  seeing some of the great attraction places to explore like Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland, Scott Monument, Scottish National Galleries and more


3: walking around in a big circle from Leith Walk, London Road, Easter Road and Duke Street then back at the beginning again


4: walking right along the Promenade at Portobello Beach, it was really a nice stroll walk right along both ends.

The Weather was amazingly warm with sunshine, this place is well recommended to walk your dogs or just with family/friends.  So relaxing and enjoyable


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